an interesting life skill

Disclaimer…if you have a disdain for profanity, exit now.

I received this article yesterday, read it, and shared it with a couple of close confidants here at work.  Funny, they shared that some of the points the author makes about being an asshole fit me well.  And I just thought it was because I was from New Jersey!  My wife would probably say that most of the article fits me well – both good and bad!

As I read the article, I realized that it fits a lot of the problems I’ve had with moving my ideas/work about Life Design forward – and to find new places/avenues in order to continue my creative work.  On each campus I’ve worked at, the most frequent word used to describe me is “asshole.”  However, if you read how the author, Mark Manson, he defines “asshole,” then you can understand how it fits me:

“In fact, I believe the world needs its fair share of assholes. And that being an asshole is a valuable life skill. What I mean by “being an asshole” is a willingness to be disliked and/or to upset other people. As we will see, sometimes hurting someone’s feelings (or just being willing to hurt someone’s feelings) is a necessity, both for ourselves and also for the greater good. And I believe that if more of us were able and willing to “flip the asshole switch,” the world would be a better place.”

When you believe in something so fervently and show that it has tremendous value, you sometimes have to be an “asshole” in moving your work forward.  It’s ironic…because being this way can be EXTREMELY polarizing!  Everywhere I’ve been, when people hear my name, they will either say “he’s a great, passionate guy” or “he’s such a dick, asshole, etc.”  It used to bother me; now, not so much.  I am SO focused on making a difference in the world that I know I will continue to piss a few people off – and that’s part of the game.  So be it.

Here’s the article:

If you have any thoughts, please share!

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