the rhythm of life

This week, our students will be creating their Personal Philosophy – a statement that describes how they plan to live their lives every day.  I’ll post the actual activity in tomorrow’s blog.

Today, I want to share the book that inspired me to do this “best version of yourself” work in the first place.  When I read Mathew Kelly’s book, “The Rhythm of Life,” I knew that I wanted to create a tool that would have students (and others) write a statement that really focused on a roadmap on living your best life.  For me, it’s one of those books that makes me think…and think…and think.  This “best version of yourself” concept has stayed with me for many years.  I’ve created and modified many tools/activities to make this process easier; however, it only hit me yesterday on the best way to do it.

If you’re interested in learning more about the book “The Rhythm of Life” by Matthew Kelly, Brian Johnson has a great Philosopher’s Note on the book, which you can view here:

My favorite parts?  The introduction to the book and Point #1: Choices.  Check out the video to see why.

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