the how of happiness

I had to take a few days off from blogging for personal reasons…  Now I’m back and ready to go!

I was chatting with a student last week about happiness, where she stated that she wasn’t happy about her life.  Not happy about school, not happy about her family, not happy about anything.  Decided to consult my copy of “The How of Happiness” by Sonja Lyubomirsky, as well as Brian Johnson’s Philosopher’s Notes on the book (  The book outlines 12 Scientifically proven strategies to increase happiness.

Instead of having the student read the book, I sent her the following article:

And asked her to choose one strategy to try for a week; she couldn’t choose, so I asked her to choose the first one – express gratitude.  Her “assignment” – at the end of each day, she had to write down three things that she was grateful for.  And for the week, she had to come up with something new, which meant that she would have 21 different things that she would be grateful for by the end of the week.  Let’s see  how it goes.

What could you incorporate in your life, starting today, to increase your level of happiness?  There’s no time like the present to start!

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