back in the saddle…

Hello everyone!  Decided to take a little bit of a break due to personal and professional life challenges.  But now….I’m back!

I will be posting more regularly now, since there’s a LOT more going on since I last posted.  Since the start of 2019:

  • Started a business – Life Design Institute, LLC – with my business partner Stephanie Williams.
  • Teaching 8 classes this semester, including two 3-credit classes:
    • HHS125: What Could I Do With My Life (3 sections)
    • HHS135: Redesign a Life You’ll Love (3 sections)
    • ENT250/HHS250: Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship (2 sections)
  • Committed to playing both golf and tennis at a competitive level.
  • Continue my 1,000 miles running/walking/elliptical and 3,000 miles biking/indoor cycling/air dyne.

There are also other goals for the year, but these are the most pertinent right now.  I’ve committed this Spring Semester to teach students in my entrepreneurship courses to create side hustle businesses, using the book, “Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days” by Chris Guillebeau.  The goal is for them to have created a side hustle that has generated income in five weeks – by February 27, 2019.  I have also decided to do the same, creating a side hustle within the confines of the Life Design Institute.  Should be interesting…

I look forward to sharing more with this wonderful group in the future.

Take care, dear friends!

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