week 13 coaching course

Only two weeks/classes left before the end of our coaching course!

This week, students are provided the instructions to create Project #3: Personal Charter Poster and Presentation.  We use the Personal Charter as a summary of everything they’ve learned about themselves over the course of the semester.  The idea for the Personal Charter Poster came from my mom’s family reunion 4 years ago; my mom shared the “Penn Family Charter” that was prominently displayed at the entrance to the event.  The Charter has the Penn family crest, as well as some information about the history, as well as what it meant to be a Penn.  So I thought it would be neat if the students could create a “Charter” that represented their life.

Here are a few examples of Family Charters, just to give you an idea of what they might look like: family charter pics, 10-23-18

Project #3: Personal Charter Poster and Presentation Instructions

Poster Instructions

Your last project will be Project #3: Personal Charter Poster and Presentation. The Personal Charter will have you create and share a poster that is a compilation of everything you’ve learned about yourself over the course of the Fall Semester. The Personal Charter can be used as a guide on: (1) the most important things in your life, and (2) how you want to live your life on a daily basis.

You will share and present your Personal Charter on November xx, 2018. Your Personal Charter Poster will contain the following:

  • 4-Letter Personality Type Code and three words that best describes your personality type.
  • Top 5 Personal Core Values.
  • 5 Character Strengths.
  • 5 Engagement Strengths.
  • 3 Talents and Gifts.
  • Meaningful Work Statement.
  • 8 Personal Manifestos Statements.
  • Personal Philosophy.
  • Seven-Word Life Motto

Feel free to include any other items to your Personal Charter to make it more “you,” such as pictures, quotes, and other words of wisdom that inspires you. You may want to include your I Am Statements, the I Am Poem, or anything else from any of the other previous activities from class. Use your Personal Charter as your Life Guide Instruction Manual, a document that guides your actions and decisions and monitors whether you’re staying on track or not. Like the other posters for this class, your Personal Charter poster will be created by hand, utilizing markers, crayons, and/or colored pencils to identify the 9 sections listed above. Since you will be displaying your poster for others to read, make sure your words are clearly legible for others to read.

Your Personal Charter Poster must be on poster paper/board at least 18″ x 24″ in size (you will lose points if it’s smaller); again, feel free to use any combination of words and pictures to construct your Poster. You may also use this as an opportunity to revise/refine your answers from any of the previous activities; for example, you may decide that you’d like to redo your meaningful work statement or your list of values. If so, feel free to reflect these changes in your poster.

If you want ideas/examples on how to construct your poster, click here: http://thedreamdeanbackup.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/d8e29-posters-personal-charter-spring-2016.doc

Seven Word Life Motto

As part of your final poster, you will write a Seven-Word Motto, seven words that will define how you want to live your life from now on. The Seven Word Life Motto defines how you’d like to live your life every day, in seven words – no more, no less. Your Life Motto should be the words that inspire you to live your best, most meaningful and purposeful life.  Why a Life Motto? (from dictionary.com): A motto is: (1) a maxim adopted as an expression of the guiding principles of a person, and (2) a sentence or phrase expressing the spirit or purpose of a person.  Why seven words? In numerology circles, the number “7” is seen as being spiritual, reflective, introspective, and possessing wisdom and completeness.

Your Seven Word Life Motto can be a combination of your Personal Philosophy, Personal Manifesto, and the various other activities done in class this semester.  Make sure to construct your Life Motto with words that inspire you, words that excite you, and words that will encourage you to be and do your best every day!

Constructing Your Life Motto
Your Life Motto is the story of your present and future. For this activity, it must be EXACTLY seven (7) words – no more, no less. Remember that your life motto describes how you want to live your life every day, starting today.

Your Seven-Word Life Motto can be:

  • One statement;
  • A series of small statements;
  • Seven individual words;
  • Or any combination of statements and/or words that work best for you.

If you aren’t sure what to write, ask for help from your fellow classmates, from your friends, even from your family, in constructing your motto.

Bill’s Seven Word Life Motto Examples:

  • My Work: “Dream Big. Live with Purpose. Inspire Others.”
  • How I live: “Striving to be 1% better every day.”
  • How I serve: “Achieving more than one ever thought possible!”

Life Motto Examples (from previous classes/workshops)

  • Weaknesses are just your few strengths unconquered.
  • Lead others, serve others, and maintain integrity.
  • Be lovely, be loyal, and live enchantingly.
  • God has your back, just keep faith.
  • Today makes you who you are tomorrow.
  • Appreciate Life. Maintain health. Remember to play.
  • Be happy. Be strong. Be free. Always.
  • Live intentionally. Be for others. Cultivate peace.
  • Make each moment inspiring with life’s beauty.
  • Ambition should be stronger than any fear.
  • Live through captured moments from the past.
  • Ambition is key. The gate is excellence.
  • Dream spontaneously. Love patiently. Live open-mindedly.
  • Have faith. Love one another. Anything’s possible.
  • Never be afraid to make an impact.
  • Discover daily. Lead with integrity, optimism, love.
  • Live every day like it’s my last.
  • Persevere through challenges. Achieve success. Gain wisdom.
  • Clearly conscious, serving God and people faithfully.
  • Connecting people to their God-given destiny.
  • Play every day. Live for each moment.

MOST IMPORTANT POINT: Your Seven Word Life Motto must be EXACTLY SEVEN WORDS!  Make sure you put your Seven Word Life Motto on your Personal Charter.  Note: If you have a chance, share your seven word life motto with at least three people that you know you well and see how they feel about your life motto.)

Presentation Instructions

You will need to bring your completed Personal Charter Poster on November xx, 2018; as with the My Life Story Poster, we will hang your poster on the wall for display, then everyone in attendance will participate in a “Gallery Walk,” where each attendee will walk around the room to review each poster.  It is important that you attend this class to support your classmates and their work.  The silent Gallery Walk will last for about 5 minutes; once the Gallery Walk is complete, presenters will take one (1) minute to address the following points:

  • What are three things you learned about yourself over the course of the semester?
  • Share your Seven-Word Life Motto.
  • What changes did you make as a result of this class – or what did this class help re-affirm about your major, your career, and/or your life?
  • How will the information or activities from this class impact your future – personally, educationally, and/or professionally?

Remember, your presentation is only for one (1) minute. The Personal Charter Poster and Presentation is worth 10 points – 7 points for the Personal Charter and 3 points for the Presentation.

Course Evaluations (due November xx, 2018)

Students will also be required to complete a Course Evaluation, submitted with their poster.  They are provided the evaluation this week; we hope that many will take the time to share honest feedback regarding the course.  We take this evaluation seriously, since their input provides important feedback to modify the course and it one of the best courses they take during the college career.  Although they don’t receive credit for completing the evaluation, they will actually lose 6 points (the equivalent of missing a class) off their total points if you do not complete it. We make it clear that we want them to PUT THEIR UNCG ID – NOT YOUR NAME – ON THE BACK OF THE EVALUATION! That way, the instructor can turn to the back to check off whether they completed the evaluation – and then send to me so that I can compile the results.  Does it work?  Since we’ve implemented this policy last Fall Semester, we’ve gotten over a 95%+ response rate!

Here’s a copy of the evaluation: hhs125 course evaluation, fall 2018

We’re excited to see the Posters and here the short stories they share about the impact of the course on their lives.

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