simple purpose

I just came back from lunch with a friend earlier today and purpose came up in our conversation.

During my workout yesterday morning, I watched Brian Johnson’s Purpose 101 video (see the intro to the video here:  In this 101 video, he states that we have two purposes in life – to be better people and to help others.  And just so you know, I agree with him 100%!

Imagine now that each of us was put on this planet to: (1) become our best selves and (2) profoundly serve.  What would our lives look like?  What would the lives of our students/young people look like if they could focus on just these two things?  How would their lives be different?  How would that change our jobs as educators?

Now, take it one step further.  Think of how this could be an easy coaching tool, where each individual would ask themselves: (1) Is the thing I’m doing right now moving me towards being my best self? and/or (2) Is this thing I’m doing right now profoundly serving others?  If the answer is no to both, then it’s not worth doing.  Easy, right?

Ask yourself the following question: What do I need to do to become my best self and profoundly serve?  Start here…

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