a difference

I don’t take the time to share many emails, but I had to share this message from one of my students.  Every now and then, I need that reminder of why I’ve been in higher education for 30+ years.  To be honest, this message made me cry.  I am truly honored to serve profoundly serve.  Here’s the note:

Hey Mr. Bill,

My name is xxxxxxx and I was in your Thursday 1 pm class this past fall (2019) semester.

I decided to write you this email to thank you. I started this year being so certain I knew what I wanted to do with college. I enrolled in your HHS class as a recommended easy GPA booster, set out to be a nurse. I remember being so angry the more you spoke about the statistics of getting into the nursing program and that we should all have a backup plan. I PROFUSELY refused to take a back up plan seriously. I told myself I knew what I wanted and no stupid class was gonna change that (that’s what I thought then). As our class progressed I tried molding my answers to get the results I wanted, giving my best attempt at ignoring the truth behind the quizzes I took and the activities we did.

Well, here we are heading into the spring semester and you know, you were right. I, like many others, chose nursing because it’s what I thought I wanted. It was an easy choice that I thought made me look good to my family and friends. I realized looking back at the discussions we had in class that nursing is not for me.

I’m currently undecided and going back and forth between a few different careers. I’ve been looking into becoming a domestic violence counselor, helping people through something I’ve been through. I’ve also been interested in being a prenatal sonography technician, working closely with parents who are monitoring things like congenital defects. One thing that hasn’t changed is that I want to help people.

I’m currently in the process of looking into different schools and programs that will help me become who I want to be. Although it may be sad to admit, I think leaving UNCG is the best choice for me and my academic journey.

I’m so beyond thankful for HHS, even if I went into it with a bad attitude. It made me realize the passions I truly have. I’ve been recommending it to some of my friends who are planning to attend UNCG next fall. The class exceeded any and all expectations I had for it, and I’m thankful that I finally feel like I’m working in the right direction.

If I could go back and tell myself anything, It would be to take the class more seriously than I did.

Thank you Mr. Bill




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