the year of you, day 9

January 9, 2021

Question: Out of the different areas of life covered in each month of this book, which are well attended, and which could use a little more TLC over the coming months?

List of Topics:

  • January: Identity
  • February: The Past
  • March: Environment
  • April: Fun
  • May: Career
  • June: Relationships
  • July: Growth
  • August: Money
  • September: Travel and Adventure
  • October: Health
  • November: Spirituality
  • December: The Future

Answer: Without looking at the questions for each of the months in advance, here’s how I would answer the question:

  • What’s well-attended: Career/Business (I’m doing work that I love), Growth (at least when it comes to this blog, my workouts, and how I’ve dedicated myself to meditation and yoga this year), Money (especially when focused on life after retirement), and Spirituality (very well connected to my higher power and to something bigger than myself).
  • What’s needs a little more TLC: Relationships (need to decide the direction of my relationship with Rebecca), Travel and Adventure (non-existent with COVID-19), and The Past (still trying to get through trauma from childhood that still gets in the way today).

It will be interesting to go through the questions and think about where I’m at right now and where I want to go in the future – both personally and professionally. And I hope that my journey will be inspirational for others that are following this blog and going through the questions themselves.

During my workout this morning, I watch another Marie TV video – this time, with Seth Godin, who is one of my favorite authors. I have read of at least 8 of his books and watched many of his videos. Here’s one of my favorites – The Truth About Your Calling; here’s the link:

Here shares the statement, “There are challenges we can sign up for and emotions we can experience.” And as I was watching the video, it made me think that most people want to find/define their purpose. Watching this video (and another movie that I will share in a second) had me think of purpose and meaning: “We need to express, explore, and engage with purpose and meaning.”

Last night, Rebecca and I watched the movie “Soul.” If you haven’t watched the movie and have an interest in purpose and meaning, it’s a MUST WATCH! When five people text/tell me that I HAVE to watch this movie, then it’s a must see. You can watch it on Disney+, but here’s a link to the trailer:

If you get a chance, please share your thoughts about Marie and Seth’s video and/or your thoughts about the movie “Soul.”


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