the year of you, day 140

Thursday, May 20, 2021 (Day 140)

Meditation Music for the week: Dreamland: Liquid Mind (8:01) –

Question: What is your biggest source of career stress today?

Answer: My biggest source of career stress (if you want to call it that) is not knowing what I’ll be doing by the start of the Fall Semester. I am juggling SO many balls in the air right now, mostly due to the instability of the Life Design Catalyst Program at UNCG. To be honest, if I knew that they would allow me to focus my energy on growing the work and the Program, I would stay and be content. But since I’ve received ZERO thoughts from ANYONE on the administrative team for at least 6 months, I have no idea where people stand. I’ve asked for feedback on numerous occasions…and all I get are crickets. It makes me wonder if anyone read the manual about leadership and staying connected with your team, because it’s not happening here. Of course, if the goal is to have me leave UNCG by ignoring me, then they are accomplishing that very well. The data shows the value of the work, how it changes students’ lives, and how it’s expanding to others schools – and still no interest. But I’m not the kind of person that’s going to sit around and wait for something to happen; the activator and entrepreneur in me prefers to be proactive rather than reactive. Although scary, it’s also exciting to have these awesome conversations with people that see the value and want to help me start something special – and that’s definitely fuel to keep me going. All I can do is put my dream out in the universe, take steps to move forward, and with a little help from grace and God, the right opportunity will be presented to me.

Other Stuff

It’s been a while since I posted anything in “Other Stuff”; so today, I finally had a little time to read a few articles and a chapter in a book. I read 4 articles this morning that I thought were good, so I decided to choose the one that I feel most pertinent to my current situation, as well as what I talked about the past two days in the workshop. It’s a great article by Seth Godin about “expertise”; you can read it here:

This article made me think about one of the problems with higher education today. It’s SO focused on the credential that it’s missing out on some great people who could share so much with students. For example, I’ve been told that I’m not “allowed” to teach at the Masters and Doctoral level because I “only have a Masters degree.” At my institution, we have a class at the Masters level on Life Design Catalyst Coaching – the Program that I created at my institution, using the curriculum from my Training Program. However, because I don’t have a PhD, I am not allowed to teach the course. Does that make any sense? And that’s just one of many problems with higher education.

Anyway, I love the premise of the article: “You don’t need a credential to create useful work.” Amen!


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