the year of you, day 24

January 24, 2021

New Music Meditation for Week: Ancestral Home (R Carlos Nakai) –

Question: What is your biggest goal right now?

Answer: Of course, I have my big fitness goals right now, but I’m going to take a different approach to this question. Instead of my biggest goal, I’m going to share my reason for being. I’m on a mission to empower EVERY student (for that matter, every young person) to explore and express purpose and meaning in their lives. I define purpose as “a commitment to future-directed goals that move you forward in becoming the best version of yourself in service to something bigger than yourself. I define meaning as answering the questions, “Why do I matter” and “Why does what I do matter?” Purpose doesn’t mean that it has to be this ONE THING; it’s about the small things that happen in life, how you do something that makes you a better person and how you do something that makes someone’s life better. So, in order to empower young people to explore and express purpose and meaning, my goal is to do this in two different ways: (1) Empower students in this process through classes, workshops, programs, etc., and (2) to empower faculty, staff, and educators to learn the strategies to do this work with their students. At first, I was doing this by myself; I was impacting the students in my courses, but that was about it. Now, I have provided the opportunity to learn Life Design Catalyst work with thousands of others, with the hope that we can reframe how our young people approach their education and their lives. It’s important for them to realize that school is a part of one’s life plan vs. one’s life plan is school.

Now, it is also my goal to 1,000 obsessed, raving, like-minded souls to carry out this work across the world so that we can change how young people view their education – and their lives. Noticed I used the words OBSESSED and RAVING – like our entire being depends on us doing this work.

How’s that for a goal?

Other Stuff

To piggyback on what I shared yesterday, “21 Things Everyone Should Know About Life,” I also found this article which I believe is a great complement of the 21 Things. Here’s your next read:

I agree with the 7 priorities, but I believe that one is missing – Gratitude. It’s of utmost important to appreciate what you have in life, regardless of your situation. Start by being grateful for being on this planet, then go from there. We ALL have a reason for being here…we just may not know what that reason is right now. And it all starts with gratitude.


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