the year of you, day 28

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Music Meditation: Ancestral Home (R Carlos Nakai) –

Question: What do you know to be true about yourself?

Answer: That I will continue to learn and grow as I move towards become the best version of myself. I realize that my potential is unlimited and I could never know what the best “Bill” can be, but as long as I keep moving forward in that direction, I’m good. As I ponder this question even deeper, I keep thinking back to yesterday’s article about the “blueprint of success”; forget about the comparisons and rhe metrics, focus on making a difference. And for the longest time – even now – I find myself comparing myself to my colleagues, to internet gurus, and especially to my “pseudo” mentor, Brian Johnson. I watch what other people are doing and know that I can do more. But then I do more – and it doesn’t seem to matter much. The question I need to ask myself is, “Was the Bill of today better than the Bill of yesterday?” If yes, then it was a good day; if not, a not-so-good day.  I know that 1/27/21 Bill was 1% better than 1/26/21 Bill, and that 1/26/21 Bill was 1% better than 1/25/21 Bill. So, I just need to focus on 1/28/21 Bill being 1% better than 1/27/21 Bill – which could be reading a few chapters in a book, getting another great workout in, taking the time to write a few words for my own book, connecting with really great people, doing something to be a better husband and father, and meditating for 5 minutes. All great activities that are moving me towards the best version of myself. Yeah!

Other Stuff

For those who may not have noticed, I created a “Resource Page” that contains many of the resources I’m sharing in this blog. I will continue to update the information as I go along; however, if you haven’t seen it, you can find it here:

You’ll find articles, videos, meditation resources, movie/documentary suggestions, etc. If you’re looking for something interesting to share or maybe want to have a great conversation about education, check out the resources here.

– – – – –

Here’s another interesting article that I found about living life. The title of this one is, “9 Rules To Live By For A Life You Won’t Regret For A Second.” Like the others I’ve shared the past few days, this one makes me think about the rules that I have integrated in my life consistently and the rules I need to integrate to become the best version of myself. Here’s the link:

This is what I know, based on the 9 Rules:

What’s working:

  • Rule #1: Live In Accordance With Your Values. I definitely express my values and beliefs through my actions.
  • Rule #2: Focus On What Really Matters To You. I believe this rule gets easier to live by as you get older. When I was younger, I focused my efforts on what other thought and how I was being judge. Now, not so much, although I do fall into the trap every now and then.
  • Rule #5: Don’t Try To Live Others’ Lives For Them. I only share advice about life when asked. Hard when you have children, but it became much easier as they’ve gotten older.
  • Rule #7: See The Good In People. Another rule that I’ve been better at as I’ve gotten older. I have finally developed the mindset that people are flawed creatures who are inherently good and don’t spend time being negatively impacted by them and their actions.
  • Rule #8: Be An Encourager. This is one that I’ve been able to achieve. Choose to remain silent when a critical thought comes into your mind, and choose to speak up when you know someone could use a comforting, positive word.
  • Rule #9: Live in Harmony. It’s about living a life of peace, kindness, love, and caring relationships. It’s about being able to adapt to change as and when it happens. It’s about knowing what you believe in and acting in a manner than reflects those beliefs and values.

What’s not working:

  • Rule #3: Take One Day At A Time. The last statement is what I love best about this rule: “Stop trying to live for tomorrow, and ground yourself in the work of today.” So, so true.
  • Rule #4: Embrace Change. I think I’m doing this okay, for the most part. But there are parts that are still hard for me. Consider this one a work-in-progress.
  • Rule #6: Accept People’s Differences. Here are the two I struggle with the most: (1) You have to accept that people will think different things to you, behave in different ways to you, and choose different life paths to you. (2) You can express your own views and do so with passion, but don’t feel the need to convert others to your way of thinking.

This might be one of those articles you might want to do a self-assessment on yourself and your life. Your turn.


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