the year of you, day 27

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Music Meditation: Ancestral Home (R Carlos Nakai) –

Question: What is your present self most excited about?

Answer: I’m pretty jacked up about expanding Life Design Catalyst work, whether it’s at my current institution and/or outside my institution (and beyond). I’ve been getting my thoughts together about putting together a “document” that addresses what it means to be a Life Design Catalyst and how it could change how we work with students, especially in the education setting. It kills me to see so, so many students without clarity and direction regarding major, career, and even life; it’s my hope to find 1,000 obsessed, raving, like-minded souls like myself to get together on a regular basis (both online and in-person) and reframe how we work with people, young and old. Help anyone and everyone at a crossroads in life, anyone and everyone in transition. Yeah, like almost every person on the planet!  But that’s okay, there’s enough of us around that together, we can make a dent in the world.

I also came up with a new term yesterday afternoon to describe us Life Design Catalysts – catalyst-ologist – a specialist who embraces Life Design Catalyst work and who ignites the SPARCK of meaningful change and growth in one’s self and in others. I know it’s not a word, but it does describe in one word the 1,000 people that I’m planning to do this work with in the future. (And a heartfelt thank you to Warren Berger for giving me “permission” to call myself a catalyst-ologist.)

What is it for you?

Other Stuff

I guess I’m on a Darius Foroux kick right now. I shared a great article yesterday that was focused on usefulness (vs happiness). Today, this article by Darius is aligned with what I wrote for my answer above, which is about “The Blueprint for Success.” In case you were wondering, the blueprint for success is actually the number of people you’ve helped, inspired, or entertained. That’s it. His article is a great summary of how to get there:

Don’t measure your success by the metrics and by comparison, measure your success by the lives you’ve changed. Start with one…and know that’s it’s been a pretty good day.

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