the year of you, day 48

Wednesday, February 17, 2021 (Day 48)

Meditation Music: Balance: Liquid Mind –

Question: How has your past made you a better person in the present?

Answer: As I reflect on this question, I think there are several different ways my past have made me a better person today. I know that growing up in an environment where it was pretty strict was hard, but it has also made me appreciate how things have turned out for me in the long run. I don’t steal, don’t do drugs, and don’t drink excessive amounts of alcohol. And although I was harshly punished at times, I only spanked one of my daughters once – and that was enough for me. Punishment for them was taking them out of their environment (like a time out in their room) and making them sit in a different room (like our bedroom – with no TV or radio) for long periods of time. I felt that was much kinder – and in the long run, gave them the space to be alone with their thoughts and to think, instead of just doing their normal, every day stuff. I also make sure to stay in touch with them at least once a month (if not more); I want them to always know that I’m thinking about them. I’m always sharing kind words and encouragement with them, stuff I didn’t get when I was growing up. And I feel like they know that they are definitely loved by their dad. As far as work goes…it’s been interesting. I’ve always been a workaholic, but in the past, it was always focused on the rewards and recognition; now, the work I do (Life Design Catalyst work) is something that resonates with my soul. The “place” may not find it valuable or useful, but I know that it’s making an impact on and adding value to the lives of others. It’s also funny that for the first 3-4 years of my professional life, I hated presenting sessions in front of other people; now, I LOVE facilitating presentations, although when I’m done, I always have to find time to chill. Except when I’m around the Life Design Catalyst Tribe, when I’m ALWAYS pumped! I didn’t have a group like this at the beginning stages of my professional career; now, I think I might have someone to connect with in at least 40 states! That would have NEVER happened when I was younger. Suffered from impostor syndrome for the longest time…think I’m turning the corner now. The past has helped construct who I am today, but in a good way. I’m glad to be me – and I can’t always say that I felt that way growing up.

Other Stuff

I’m in the process of building an online platform for our Life Design Catalyst Community, a place where we can get together and share, a lace where we can hangout with like-minded souls. As I was reviewing a few bookmarks, I came across two articles that talked about a scenius – a genius, but instead of an individual, it’s a community. As I was completing the finishing touches on a new tool I created (more next week), I thought about the inspirations that helped me put it together. Yes, I created the tool, but it’s because of great people like my business partner Stephanie, my editor Robin, my sounding board Alicia, and a host of others implementing this work – Marianne, Andrea, Ashanti, Megan, Denise, and Greg. I know there’s a ton of other people to include, so know that I love and admire you all!

Anyway, if you read these two articles, you can probably why I love the term. The people mentioned above are all part of my scenius; I am so lucky to have one. Read the articles; if you don’t have a scenius, create one yourself! Here are the articles:

Here’s a great quote from the second article: “Genius is an egosystem, scenius is an ecosystem.”

Your job today: Become a part of a scenius!


2 thoughts on “the year of you, day 48

  1. Hi Bill, Scenius is brilliant! Brian Eno would of course bring this to light for us. Great stuff in the year of you! Check our Roger Eno and Brian Eno’s album Mixing Colors. Very good for balance.

    • Thanks for sharing Jill! I will check out Mixing Colors! I’ll be creating a place for us to come together and build our Scenius! It’ll be our next exciting adventure into the world of being a Life Design Catalyst!

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