the year of you, day 63

Thursday, March 4, 2021 (Day 63)

Meditation Music: Take Me Tenderly: Liquid Mind (6:56) –

Question: What wouldn’t you miss if it were gone tomorrow?

Answer: Cold Rain! For almost a week, we’ve had temps between 35 degrees and 45 degrees and rain (or freezing rain). Although it’s best to just deal with it, when you have a dog and no backyard, you have to take the dog for a walk. And neither is happy, but I have to get her (Laci) to pee and poop. Add to it, this crazy goal to average 15,000 steps a day…then we’re out there for a while, trying to get steps in. But then, I think about the places that haven’t had rain for 100+ days, dealing with severe drought conditions, and feel fortunate that we don’t have to deal with things like that very often. I know we had drought conditions a few years ago…and that was tough. So although cold rain sucks, I think about the benefits of the rain, and it makes me appreciate it just a little bit more. The other part of so much rain that can be a pain are the conditions of golf courses around here. Because of the amount of rain we’ve gotten the past few months, it’s been a while since I’ve played a completely dry course. And most of the time, it’s hitting out of mud or wet spots. Of course, the option is either to not play at all or to play in the wet conditions – and I choose to play when it’s wet. I could move to the north and not even think about playing because there’s mounds of snow on the ground. That’s actually not an option any more…I have ZERO interest in north of North Carolina, only interested in south or west. It’s all about outdoor activities, my friends. P.S. It’s a sunny day today…YEAH!

Other Stuff

I’m not sure how many of the readers are 60 and older, but as I approach that ripe old number (less than 2 years away), I’ve been thinking a lot about the answers to “What now?” and “What’s next?” Will I be able to last 6 more years at UNCG? Will the Life Design Institute and the Life Design Catalyst Academy continue to grow? What is it that I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to do for the next 10-12 years of my life? I think about these questions several times a week, not like “time-is-running-out pressure,” but more in terms of curiosity. Two days ago, I read the following article that not only put a smile on my face, but made me think that it really doesn’t matter, as long as I continue to take care of myself and service profoundly. If you’re in that state of wonder like me, check out this article:

It’s a great way to think about how we engage with the world now AND how we can still engage with the world in the future. By the way, once I hit 60, then I’ll be able to get EVEN MORE discounts on things, from golf to eating! Now that’s something to look forward to!


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