the year of you, day 62

Wednesday, March 3, 2021 (Day 62)

Meditation Music: Take Me Tenderly: Liquid Mind (6:56) –

Question: What in your environment today could you not imagine living without?

Answer: Believe it or not, there’s not anything in my environment that I can’t live without. Everything I own is just “stuff.” Rebecca (my wife) and Laci (our dog), is another story. If they weren’t around, like would suck. Everything else is replaceable. Golf clubs, tennis rackets, other sports equipment – all replaceable. Even if I lost all of my books – and there’s about 3,000 of them – all replaceable. Computers, flash drives, phones – all replaceable. I could live without stuff, but can’t live without people, especially friends and family. If I had to pick one “thing” that would be hard to live without that’s not part of the family, it would probably be my portable hard drive. My portable drive has EVERY file I’ve created, I think since I’ve every started working in 1989. We’re talking old notes, pictures, writings, etc. There are files on there that were created on 5 1/4 nd 3 1/2 inch disks, 100 MB drives, etc. On my current flash drive, I have files that go as far back as 2000; when I went back through it last week looking for old files, it’s was like going back in time. There were pictures and notes that brought back a lot of great feelings and memories – old friends, old letters, etc. So, if I lost something, it would be that. Everything else, no big deal.

Other Stuff

I had a great conversation with my friend Alicia this morning! I asked her a very probing question – I wanted to know what was about me and/or my work that resonated with her when we first met. She shared that I was one of the few people talking about integrating meaning and purpose into advising, coaching, and/or higher education. It was very humbling to know how I made a difference in her life and proud to call her a dear friend. Now, as I put together our Life Design Catalyst Playbook, one of the pieces are about meaning and purpose. If you want to know the difference, check out this article:

If you want an understanding of the difference between the two, check out the article!


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