the year of you, day 66

Sunday, March 7, 2021 (Day 66)

New Meditation Music: Warm in You: Liquid Mind (7:03) –

Question: How do you take care of your environment?

Answer: I have to admit that Rebecca does a better job of taking care of our environment than I do. What’s funny is that she “uses” the house much more than I do. I basically spend my time in 4 areas – (1) working out in the morning – and once in a while in the afternoon/evening – in the basement, (2) in the “office,” where I get most of my work done, (3) in our main level bathroom, and (4) in our first floor back bedroom, where I sleep. If you look at it on terms of hours, it’s probably 8-10 hours in the back bedroom sleeping or working on the computer, 2-4 hours in the basement working out or working on my golf swing/putting, 1-2 hours in the bathroom (a great place to read), and 6-10 hours in the office. Side note: I also spend at least 2-3 hours each day taking Laci out for a walk, to help with me getting 15,000 steps a day. With that said, I take of the areas that I spend most of the time, Rebecca takes care of the rest. For example, if you were to watch us eat our meals, you’d notice that I use very few dishes. For breakfast, at most I’d use a bowl and a spoon if I eat cereal – other than that, it’s usually two bananas and chocolate milk (right from the container). Don’t really eat lunch, although I might typically eat fruit, nuts, or chips, then dinner may be using a pot and another spoon – or, if I eat sandwiches, just a paper towel. I am pretty much a minimalist when it comes to using “stuff” around the house. In fact, I don’t create much garbage; most of the items I use are recycled materials, which I put in our recycle bin. Since the start of 2021, I’ve been trying to minimize clutter around the house. Already got rid of a ton of clothes, magazines, and papers from office and back bedroom. Now, working on the stuff I have from the garage, one bin at a time. If I didn’t have clothes and books, I wouldn’t have much. If I had to leave for some reason, I most likely would leave everything, since I’d prefer to be portable. On the outside, we have landscaping taken care for us (that’s one of the reasons why we moved to this neighborhood), so Rebecca likes to maintain the outside with plants and flowers, taking advantage of her master gardener skills. I handle all of the tech stuff around the house, since I’ve done tech stuff in a previous job. I know enough to be dangerous, but not enough to do it for a living. So, that’s how we take care of our living environment. Don’t even want to think about my “work office” environment; I’ve been there THREE times since COVID-19 hit a year ago. Haven’t found a reason to go to the office, other than to get away from home and/or pick something up. It’s still a little bit of a mess, since my work office also houses all of the “stuff” from our Life Design Center a few years ago (we didn’t get another space once they tore down the McIver Building). A little crowded in there, but it’s manageable.

Other Stuff

Today, I decided to share links to a funny comedian, James V. If you have a little time and need a laugh, just out a few of his clips:

Hope you enjoy these!


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