the year of you, day 65

Saturday, March 6, 2021 (Day 65)

Meditation Music: Take Me Tenderly: Liquid Mind (6:56) –

Question: Do you own your home? Why, or why not?

Answer: Yes, we own our home. My wife Rebecca would say that she’s always wanted a place that she could call “home.” She loves the concept of having a place where you can decorate and construct it (for the most part) to match your personality and style. Me, on the other hand, sees our home as a place that’s a roof over our head that provides some tax relief, although it doesn’t seem to be as much of a tax right-off like it used to be. But every little bit helps. For me, it’s a place to keep my books, since that’s my most prized possession (and “prized” is a relative term). I’m sure if the house burned down, she would feel worse than I would because she’s connected to her “stuff” much more than I. Everything is replaceable, except for our lives and our dog Laci. The thought that the house could be paid off in 6 years is motivating for me, since that’s about the time I think I might retire – if I’m still working in a job like UNCG. I’m hoping that I can hold out for another 6 years; if so, that would give me 20 years in the NC System and would most likely trigger some pretty good benefits after retirement. And that means potential retirement from the day-to-day, not from working. I can’t EVER see myself NOT doing Life Design Catalyst work in some capacity. It is my IKIGAI – my reason for getting out of bed in the morning. What’s your IKIGAI?

Other Stuff

A couple of days ago, I was chatting with a friend about college students and the disconnect between students and institutions. I shared that most institutions believe that students go to college to get a job after graduation. Most students believe that being happy and successful is most important. Of course, most students can’t define what success means to them, so that makes the process a little more complicated. Here’s an article that might help define success:

Might be one of those articles you share with others, right? While you’re at it, come up with your own definition of success.


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