the year of you, day 71

Friday, March 12, 2021 (Day 71)

Meditation Music: Warm in You: Liquid Mind (7:03) –

Question: What colors do you surround yourself with on a daily basis?

Answer: Although my favorite color is purple, I don’t surround myself with purple colors. In fact, I don’t surround myself with any colors – I actually leave that up to Rebecca. I can pretty much go with anything, at least within reason. If she asked to paint a room lime green, I might say something, but in the end, if it’s a color she really wants, then we go with it. I will say that I have a tendency to prefer darker colors than lighter colors, which shows up a lot in the clothes I wear. Darker colors hide things a whole lot better than lighter colors.

As I look around my side of the home office, I see a lot of yellow – it’s the color of the post-it notes that I’m using right now. I have lots of them up because I’m working on a couple of projects and they help me organize my thoughts. I have three IPAD’s, two that I use and one that Rebecca uses. Cover colors…two are black, one is purple.

Other Stuff

As I reflect on videos from the past, I thought you might like this one – it’s a graduation speech from the future by Brad Montague (from Kid President fame). It’s really heart-warming, so I hope you find it entertaining and pertinent. Here’s the link:

If you have a takeaway from the speech, please share in the comments.


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