the year of you, day 87

Sunday, March 28, 2021 (Day 87)

New Meditation Music: The Treasure: Aeoliah (7:08) –

Question: Make a list of 10 things you like about your current environment and 10 things you’d like to change.

Answer: Instead of listing 10 things, I think I’m going to focus on just 5 things. So, here are five things I like:

  1. Separate office space from other parts of house.
  2. Workout equipment in basement.
  3. (Sort of) Library in upstairs bedroom.
  4. Space to do yoga/stretching in basement.
  5. Screened-in back deck overlooking woods/river.

And here are the five things I’d like to change:

  1. Clutter in garage.
  2. Clutter in back bedroom.
  3. Need bigger closets.
  4. The rock garden in our side yard.
  5. Need a new roof.

I’ve already started on the clutter in the garage and back bedroom. Can’t do anything about the closet space, other than getting rid of stuff. The last two things I’d like to change are hopefully happening within a year or two.


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