the year of you, day 86

Saturday, March 27, 2021 (Day 86)

Meditation Music: Teach Me to Whisper: Liquid Mind (7:03) –

Question: If you were to make your current environment 5% more comfortable, what would you do?

Answer: Another interesting question. If I were to make my current environment 5% more comfortable, I would get rid of the “clutter.” There’s just so much stuff lying around that we don’t use that it would be awesome to just keep the things we use and get rid of everything else. I did that at the beginning of January, when I got rid at least 25% of my clothes. Now, at least from my end, I need to attach different parts of the house, like the garage, where I have a lot of old “work” stuff in boxes and plastic crates that I need to go through and dump. I KNOW I haven’t looked at any of it since we’ve moved into our current house; I’m sure I haven’t looked at any of it since our previous house as well. I bet I could dump all of it and wouldn’t miss it at all. I’m also sure that I could get rid of more clothes, specifically more t-shirts. Believe it or not, I still have back from races I’ve done in the late 80’s and early 90’s. So, my job this year is to get rid of the excess clutter.

Other Stuff

A colleague sent this great article dealing with the mental aspects of COVID; check it out here:

Great way to move forward as we explore what our “new normal” will look like.


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