the year of you, day 96

Tuesday, April 6, 2021 (Day 96)

Meditation Music: Soft Focus: Liquid Mind (7:25) –

Question: What is the best movie you’ve ever seen? Why?

Answer: Wow, that’s a REALLY hard one to answer, because so many movies have made a huge impact on my life. The first thought that came to my head was “The Bucket List,” which starred Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. It’s one of the few movies that incorporated SPARCK (Story, Purpose, Aspirations, Reflection, Connection, and Kick-Start) all within the same movie. SPARCK is the model we use for Life Design Catalyst work, from the construction of our courses to the content of our Training Program. It seems like every time I watch the movie, I find something that I didn’t notice the first 100 times I watched it. There are so, so many others that resonate with my soul; more recently, the Disney movie “Coco” is another one that resonates with my soul. Again, it’s one of those that really encompasses so much of SPARCK in it’s message. In both, the things that matters most is family/relationships. And just like in life and in business, the thing that matters most are relationships. These are the kinds of questions I hate answering because it’s hard to just pick one.

Other Stuff

It seems like I’ve shared article on tips to improve your life several times already….so here’s another one:

I think it’s always a good reminder to look at a small (or big) change you could make to improve your life. After looking over the list of 20, I’m already doing many of the things on the list, a few others I’m not interested in doing right now. But that’s me. What do you want this next quarter of 2021 to look like for you?


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