the year of you, day 98

Thursday, April 8, 2021 (Day 98)

Meditation Music: Soft Focus: Liquid Mind (7:25) –

Question: What is your favorite way to relax?

Answer: I actually have two favorite ways to relax: (1) Nature/outdoor walk, and (2) Reading. Pre-COVID, I always found a way to get outside, whether it was going to class or walking to and from my car. Since I’ve had to work from home, I’ve made sure to take Laci (our dog) out for a walk around 11:00-11:30am and again around 4:30-5:00pm. I’ve set a goal to average 15,000 steps a day; and because she gets a lot of treats from our neighbors, I try to get her 10,000 steps a day. Taking her out for walks breaks up my day and makes sure that I don’t spend ALL DAY sitting in front of my computer – which I have a tendency to do when working on projects. And I don’t take my phones with me, so it’s just me with her, enjoying nature and each other’s company. It will be interesting to see what happens when I go back to work full-time, since she’s SO used to me being home and taking her on her walks. So that’s one way I relax.

The other way I relax is by reading. I love to read nowadays – and I will thanks Bethany and Amanda for that gift. I was never big into reading growing up; I only read when I had to. Same for college – only read what I had to. Sports and partying were the two things driving me. I didn’t start reading again until I started reading to them as little girls, before nap time and before bed. “Good Night Moon” and “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” were two of my favorites, as well as most things by Dr. Seuss and Winnie the Pooh. Of course, now I read at least 1-2 books a week and even read children’s books in my classes on occasion. There are so many words of wisdom in books; I don’t know why more people won’t read. And if you came to visit me, you’d see lots and lots and lots of book – about 3,000 all over our house, as well as probably another 1,000 on my kindle. That’s the main reason why I can come up with so many resources and create so much content – my insatiable urge to read SOMETHING! If you don’t, try it; you might actually like it!

Other Stuff

This morning, I received a daily motivation articles from One of the articles I read this morning addressed change; small changes you could make to improve your life to get ahead in 10 years. And yes, reading was one of the items. So, if you’re interested in making a small change in your life, check out the article here:

The one I’m working on is #10; the one I love the most is #12. Read the article to see what they are! Enjoy!


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