the year of you, day 101

Sunday, April 11, 2021 (Day 101)

New Meditation Music: Breathe in Me: Liquid Mind (7:25) –

Question: What excites you about life right now?

Answer: Wow, I almost missed a day! But, better late than never right? So, what excites me about life right now? The possibility of doing work that I REALLY LOVE every day! I wrote a proposal to create an “Office of Transitions and Transformation” because I believe that education needs to help/empower students a different way. I don’t think investing in better ways to manually help students figure out what to take every semester and in creating four year plans is the best way to invest time and money. Preparing them for an unknown future, helping them find purpose and meaning in their lives, gaining clarity and direction on their major, jobs, and career – that’s where we need to focus our attention. And I believe that I am the right person to take on this monumental task! And that, my friends, gets me excited!

Off to bed…5:30am workout, with the changed goal of 6 million steps this year (changed from 5.5 million). Instead of averaging 15,000 steps a day, I decided to up my game to 16,500 steps per day. Already doing at least that many 15 weeks into the new year, so why not just keep it going, right?


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