the year of you, day 133

Thursday, May 13, 2021 (Day 133)

Meditation Music for the week: I Am Willing: Liquid Mind (7:56) –

Question: What motivates you? What helps you stay on track with your goals and ambitions?

Answer: I only need one answer to the two questions above – PERSONAL CORE VALUES! Understanding my core values makes it easy for me to make decisions and stay motivated. Every semester I teach our HHS125 class, one of the most important and valuable activities I have them do is to identify their top five personal core values, the values that are not only most important to them, but the values that guide their choices, decisions, and actions on a daily basis. By identifying their core values, it reduces the decisions they have to make in most areas in their lives, as well as be a guide as to when things might be in conflict in their lives. For example, for as long as I can remember, fitness/health has been my #1 core value. Everything I do revolves around my workouts and all aspects of my health – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. How important is working out for me? So, I’m on Day 133 of posting this year, and I’ve missed a total of ONE DAY from working out in some capacity. ONE DAY, out of 133 days. And the one day I missed, I think I still had over 10,000 steps that day (poor Laci). I can’t say that it’s always easy to do, especially when most of my workouts start between 4:30am and 6:00am, but knowing how important this value is to me, I “just do it.” There’s no questioning, no judgment, no issues. I roll my ass out of bed and get to it. For me, it’s that simple. My #2 and #3 core values are wisdom (purpose) and personal development and growth. And as you probably know, Life Design Catalyst work is focused on becoming the best version of yourself (personal development and growth) in service to something bigger than yourself (wisdom). Again, it makes it easy to make choices and decisions, then take action in my work because I can say yes to the things that serve my values and no to things that do not serve my values. And as you know in these posts, my gut is telling me that my current position at UNCG will not allow me to continue serving in this capacity in the future, since the emphasis seems to be more focused on registration, scheduling, and degree planning. Although it’s a scary time, knowing that I may be asked to leave soon, it’s exciting to explore the possibilities of continuing this work at a place (or places) that value the work. And understanding that it’s part of my core values, it’s easier to stay on track and stay focused.

Other Stuff

This morning, I decided that I didn’t want to read, so I decided to watch a couple of 30 minute videos. I decided to watch videos of two people that I adore – Marie Forleo and Seth Godin. Marie is so adorable and Seth is a genius! Both are very down to earth and have lots of wisdom to share. The second of the two videos I watched, which I’ll share in a second, was about a particular marketing strategy that really resonated with my soul. In Seth’s book, “This is Marketing,” he shares a template that could be useful in sharing the work you do. The template is as follows:

  • My product is for people who believe __________. I will focus on people who want __________. I promise that engaging with what I make will help you get __________.

So, think about what you do and how you would fill in the blanks. Then, find one person that could benefit from what you have to offer, then another, then another. That’s how you build your business. And that statements keeps me clear on who I need to serve and how I serve them. You can check out the video with LOT of nuggets here:

So, think about what you offer, how you serve, and the problem you help people solve. Then you’ll be on the right track.


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