the year of you, day 155

Friday, June 4, 2021 (Day 155)

Meditation Music for the week: In the Fields of Peace: Liquid Mind (8:06) –

Question: Do you tend to hold a grudge or to forgive and forget?

Answer: Have you every heard of VIA Character Strengths? If not, check it out here: – and take the assessment. You’ll get a list of 24 strengths that identify your moral and ethical character. I think I’ve taken 5 to 7 times over the past 15 years – and my top 5-6 and my bottom 3 are almost always the same. On the bottom of my list EVERY YEAR? Forgiveness. So, my answer to the question above would be, “hold a grudge.” It’s always hard to really be around people who’ve wronged you. And for me, I’d rather not spend any time around them than to forgive them and act like nothing has happened. But I’ve been doing the work to get better at it, since I know that holding a grudge is giving them my power. It’s just one of those things you just have to keep working on, getting 1% better every day, right? To be honest, I believe I’m moving away from holding a grudge forever to at least forgiving (but NEVER forgetting).Baby steps, right?

Other Stuff

I’m going to share one of the more interesting articles that I had a chance to read the past few days. I’ll share the article, then explain why it’s interesting:

I enjoyed the article because the greatest determining factor is consistent, disciplined action. Nothing more, nothing less. Just doing what needs to be done day after day after day. It’s why I’ve been able to journal and post for 155 days in a row; it’s why I’ve missed 2 days of workouts since the start of the year. And now, my goal is to show kindness every day, regardless of the situation. Consistent, disciplined action. It’s definitely worth the read.


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