the year of you, day 186

Monday, July 5, 2021 (Day 186)

Relaxing Music for the week: East of Full Moon: Deuter (8:33) –

Question: In which areas of your life would you like to see growth over the next 12 months?

Answer: As far as growth goes…I want to just continue letting negative thoughts pass by, instead of dwelling on them, sometimes for days. I’ve been doing this practice where a negative thought comes into my head – and instead of ruminating on it and letting it control my emotions, I’ve been doing better by having the thought and accompanying feeling, but then letting it go by – then putting my energy back on something positive. It seems to be working pretty well for the most part. That’s the biggest problem I’m dealing with right now, as I know my work situation will start to generate some negative feelings. But I decided to take a proactive approach to it; instead of them dictating what I should do, I thought it would be better to make a plan for student success for the School of HHS. Then, they can decide whether to accept it or not. Right now, they’ve asked no one that’s involved in student success for their ideas – and it’s been two years now. If I do nothing, then they will dictate how things are done. If I develop a plan, they may decline, but they might accept as well, since they don’t have much right now. You would think my 32 years in higher ed might mean something, especially since I’m more of a progressive, innovative thinker than most advisors and student support people on campus. Maybe that’s the problem…they’d rather have the status quo than something new and innovative. Regardless, I’ll have something together real soon.


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