the year of you, day 195

Wednesday, July 14, 2021 (Day 195)

Relaxing Music for the week: The Joy of Quiet: Liquid Mind (8:47) –

Question: What is one thing you could learn more about that would improve your life?

Answer: I’ve been thinking about this question a lot. It’s hard because there has to be a distinction between what you know about but won’t change vs. what you don’t know so you can improve. I feel that I’m more like the former (things I know to change but won’t) than the latter (things I don’t know or know very little that could make my life better). I honestly cannot think of anything (at least at the present moment) of anything I could learn right now that would improve my life. Of course, I’m writing this as I’m preparing for a presentation for PhD students in the School of Business, so this is probably not the best time for me to reflect. One thing that just popped into my head is that I could love to learn how to be more comfortable in my own skin, not worrying about what other people are saying or doing. I’m decent at doing that, but I have been having a hard time lately because I feel as if Life Design Catalyst work is not seen as valuable or important, especially at my institution. I know that it impacts others in positive ways, but I’m dealing with a lot of “politics” because of my “skin” right now, and it’s disheartening to be at a place where the color of your skin can actually have an impact on whether your work is embraced or ignored. It would be nice to learn how I can just ignore the ‘stupid” noise that’s out there and just focus on the great work being for our students. So, I hope that answers the question, even in a roundabout way.


One thought on “the year of you, day 195

  1. Channel Mom. She had the knowledge and the confidence to not let anyone or anything deter her. You developed a great program and you believe in what you are doing. Plus the feedback you receive supports what you know and believe about your work. If UNCG doesn’t want to appreciate you or acknowledge the work you are doing, screw them. You are a strong, intelligent black man who cares about what he does and those it impacts. Use that as your guiding light. You got this…

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