the year of you, day 256

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 (Day 256)

Relaxing Music for the week: Life in the Slow Lane: Liquid Mind (9:51) –

Question: What brings you comfort when you’re away from home?

Answer: Comfort comes when I’m able to stick as close to my routine as possible. For example, I seem to do a lot better when I travel when I’m able to do my early morning workout. Doesn’t matter whether it’s indoors or outdoors, just getting in a workout just seems to move me in a positive direction. It’s funny…when I’m away from home, I try to stay in as much of a routine as possible. It’s usually good when I’m doing a workshop, training, or presentation because I’m already engaged in work during the day – so I’m in my comfort zone. It’s much harder when I’m on vacation, when there’s no agenda. And because I’m always so busy with “stuff,” the only thing I want to do on vacation is either relax in the room, go somewhere quiet to read a book, or do some type of sporting activity (tennis, biking, walking, golf, and now pickleball). And spend time with good friends, like in Wilmington, NC. Comfort and routine go hand-in-hand for me…

Other Stuff

I read the following article earlier this morning:

I shared the article because I had a former HHS125 student tell me that she got that question in her interview. Instead of being unsure how to answer the question, she shared with them her “You, The Superhero” Poster, where she was able to share her personality types, strengths, values, motivators, and superpowers – and how they could be used in her role at the company. To make a long story short, she ended up getting the job – and the interviewer shared that her Poster was a key factor in her getting the job. What a great story, right?


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