the year of you, day 255

Monday, September 13, 2021 (Day 255)

Relaxing Music for the week: Life in the Slow Lane: Liquid Mind (9:51) –

Question: What is the most adventurous thing you’ve done in your life so far?

Answer: I would have to say that the most adventurous things I’ve done in my life so far was leave the comforts of home and go south to attend the University of Delaware. It was adventurous because I had NEVER been away on my own and never had the freedom to make my own choices. It was definitely an eye-opening experience, living in a space that had three people living in a place for only two people. There were so, so many things that I had NEVER experienced that every day seemed like I had to deal something new, from having to live with two white roommates to learning how to navigate relationships. It was definitely a growth experience for me! Although I didn’t have ANY idea what I wanted to do with my life – other than be involved in sports in some capacity – I was on my own to figure it out. Two of the things I remember most from that time of my life were: (1) being extremely introverted, having a hard time coming out of my shell, and (2) dealing with a case of impostor syndrome, mostly because I didn’t have an identity. To say that I was a lost puppy was an understatement; however, having to navigate this adventure on my own was essential in preparing me for the work I’m doing today. It’s my hope that people who are lost and at a crossroads create a plan that means something to them, a plan that helps them move towards becoming their best selves in service to something bigger than themselves in order to make the world (or their world) a better place. How’s that for an adventure?

Other Stuff

I was trying to decide what to read/watch this morning – and when I’m stuck like that, I always turn to Brian Johnson at This morning, I decided to listen to his 20-page notes; since I had an hour to ride, I decided to listen to “The Tools” and “Deep Work.” It’s always a wonder to me how God puts things in place for me to observe, just at the right time and this morning was one of those times. I was listening/reading the PDF on “The Tools” and there was a section that stood out to me, that I had to listen to/read again twice this morning. It was titled “Consumer vs Creator” and here’s what it said:

“The consumer expects a reward for the slightest effort—or better, for no effort at all. He cares only about what he gets from the world, not about what he might add to it. Living on the surface, jumping from thing to thing, his energy is diffused, like milk spreading across a tabletop. He makes no impact on the world; when his time on earth is over, it’s as if he never lived. The creator won’t accept that fate. Everything he does is with the intention of making an impact on the world. His code ensures this: He doesn’t accept the world as he finds it; he brings things into the world that aren’t already there. He doesn’t follow the herd; he sets his own course. He ignores the reactions of others. He resists superficial distractions. He remains focused on his goals even if he has to sacrifice his immediate gratification. Anyone can live by this code, but very few of us do. It means putting your life in the service of higher forces. These forces can’t be found on the surface of life; they’re found in its depths. The creator’s energy must have the singular focus of a drill boring through stone. As difficult as that is, a creator is rewarded many times over for his efforts.”

How does this passage apply to you? Are you a consumer or a creator? And think about those you work with/live with – consumers or creators? All I could think about is how much I need to get back to having a creator mindset instead of a  consumer mindset. How about that for a Monday morning thought?


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