the year of you, day 261

Sunday, September 19, 2021 (Day 261)

NEW Relaxing Music for the week: Dammerschein: Deuter (9:54) –

Question: Describe the worst trip you’ve ever taken.

Answer: I remember doing a one-day presentation for small school in Illinois; I decided to fly in REALLY early that morning, do the workshop during the day, then fly out that night. Everything went great – until I got to the airport. Rain started to come down in the area during the day…and then when the sun went down, the temperature went down – and the rain turned into ice. My flight was literally touch and go for about 4-5 hours – and then they decided to cancel the flight and send us to a hotel for the night. Early in the morning, I got a text that they not only cancelled all flights, but the airport was indefinitely closed because the rain turned into an ice storm – and expected to last throughout the next day or two. So, here I was, staying at a hotel that only had a continental breakfast, no eateries close by, and I only had the clothes on my back for my unexpected two additional days in St. Louis. Luckily, there wasn’t much else to do but hang out in the room and watch TV or do work on my computer. Every once in a while, I would go outside and take a walk, just to look at something different. I was SO, SO happy to get on a plane again and head home, if anything, just to put on a different set of clothes. I can’t even remember what the workshop was like, but I can definitely remember the trip!




2 thoughts on “the year of you, day 261

  1. …And this is why I always pack snacks whenever I travel…..I would question it sometimes, but I know I never want to be stuck anywhere and not have anything to munch on. I also pack a couple of bottles of water…You could write a book about your experiences/adventures.

    • Yes, I’ve been much better about traveling with food and water. I think it would be neat to write a book about my 40 years in higher education, since I first started college in August, 1981. I have learned a lot over those 40 years!

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