the year of you, day 264

Wednesday, September 22, 2021 (Day 264)

Relaxing Music for the week: Dammerschein: Deuter (9:54) –

Question: Where are your ancestral roots? How far are you from them now?

Answer: I have to admit that I’m so far from my ancestral roots. My sister Renata has a much, better sense of our roots than I do. Her talent/gift is for locating and digging up information and I KNOW that she has much more information about our roots than I do. I can remember my grandmother on my dad’s side and my vaguely remember my grandmother and grandfather on my mom’s side, but that’s about as far back as I can remember, since all of them past away. I know that I have and aunt and uncle on my mom’s side that are still alive, but my dad and his brother are both gone. It’s hard to imagine that on my dad’s side, I am the oldest male alive between my sister and I and my uncle’s children. And on my mom’s side, there are at least only one male (my cousin Maurice) that’s older than me – with most of the other siblings younger (there might be one or two first-cousin females older, but I don’t know). Again, these are all facts that my sister would know. As I approach 60, I’m really thinking about the back end of my life; what do I want to be doing in my 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and with God’s blessing, maybe even my 100’s. I believe there will be something magical when my age hits triple figures, with the goal of still being active by then, whether it’s playing golf or just walking every day.


2 thoughts on “the year of you, day 264

  1. I’m considered the family genealogist, but I have found that my younger cousins have information from their parents. I have also used to find more information about my maternal and paternal family via census records and dna.

    • That’s awesome! How far have you gone back with your family tree? It’s always great to hear the stories about the history!

      In one of the activities I’ve had students complete, I actually had them include their family crest. It was after we had a family reunion (shortly before my mom past away) that had our family (Penn) charter and crest. That was pretty cool! Imagine if every young person could create their own charter, something that outlines their life and their history!

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