the year of you, day 265

Thursday, September 23, 2021 (Day 265)

Relaxing Music for the week: Dammerschein: Deuter (9:54) –

Question: What is your favorite mode of transport and why?

Answer: That’s an easy one for me to answer! My favorite mode of transport is by bicycle! It has been the ONE constant in my life, ever since I was a little kid. I have always loved biking! Even when I broke my jaw/face landing face first into a curb when my front fork broke, I got back on a bike once I was healed. It’s part of the reason why I want until my late 20’s before I got a driver’s license because I was so comfortable riding a bike. And I am convinced that my bike riding made a difference in me walking away from my accident last week and me being in the hospital. When on a bike, I’m CONSTANTLY scanner the environment to see what’s going on around me; I actually do the same when I’m driving as well, always checking to see what other people are doing. When I saw the speeding up behind me, I reacted just enough to move my car slightly right enough so that he didn’t hit me directly from behind at full speed. Yes, I had extensive damage to my car, but the police and the AAA/State Farm service peeps all said that I got REALLY lucky that I didn’t get hurt and have more extensive damage. Besides, my golf clubs survived, just because I had them on the opposite side of the crash. Anyway, I will take a bike over a car ANY DAY! I think people take cars for granted and do really stupid things, like a woman I saw this morning swerving across the road on a rainy morning, putting on her make-up while driver 70 miles an hour in the left lane! My brain can’t comprehend that AT ALL! Bikes are AWESOME!

Other Stuff

I’m going to share this really interesting article that would have some people agreeing with it completely and some people thinking it’s totally wrong. Personally, I agree with it 100%! As an educator, it’s something that resonates with me A LOT – especially the issues with COVID and guns. I was reading the article and shaking my head, both to support this teacher and in disbelief that there are people in this world that would intentionally put people’s lives in danger because of politics. That’s a shame, that our country has moved from one collective soul to two sides at war. It breaks my heart that our children has to deal with the mess and clean up the crap my generation – and those older then me – have created. Here’s the link to the article (and to the pdf if you can’t access it):

I had to shake my head because over the years, I had to deal with irate students, irate parents, irate faculty, and irate staff – and that was before COVID! I remember when I worked at the College of New Jersey and had a parent stalk me for THREE DAYS because I failed his daughter because she never showed up for class (she was an athlete and thought I would just pass her). I was away at a conference, but was told that he was there looking for me and waiting for me to come to the office. Yes, that’s been the exception, but I think it’s happening more and more these days. I’m glad that I’m on the backend of this journey because I find it hard to imagine that it will get better. And that’s really scary!


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