the year of you, day 267

Saturday, September 25, 2021 (Day 267)

Relaxing Music for the week: Dammerschein: Deuter (9:54) –

Question: What was the last trip you took? What was it like?

Answer: At the end of August, I went to Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado to do a one-day Life Design Catalyst workshop. The theme: Declare Your Mission, Design Your Major. The goal was to show their success coaches tools that could be used to help their students get clear about their academic and career paths/plans, based on a foundation of purpose (profoundly serving others) and meaning (why it matters). The workshop itself was fine…I think most left with tools that they could find useful. And I got to meet some great, great people (Michelle, Maggie, Tony, Daisy, Ryan) along the way. The hard part was having to wait at the airport – over 7 hours each way! I’m glad the Dallas (DFW) airport is large, because I was able to get over 10,000 steps for the two days at the airport. Because there weren’t many flights going into and out of Durango (like two per day), the connection times were far apart. To make it worse, it was my flight out to Durango was late (about an hour and 30 minutes); once we landed, had to wait another hour to get my bag. Yes, that was hard. But at least I had a nice ride and chat with Maggie and her daughter, then a nice dinner with Tony and Daisy. The workshop itself was fine, nothing earth shattering, but we ended early, then I spent the rest of the evening in my hotel room, just hanging out, watching a little TV, doing a little reading, and answering a few emails. It would have been nice to hang out with someone from the workshop, but it’s all good. By the way, Durango is beautiful! The campus is something like 7,000 feet in the mountains, with peaks about 10,000 feet all around. I can only imagine what it’s like in the Winter! Wasn’t a fan getting up at 2:30am for my ride to the airport, but I can say that it was cool being the 2nd person at an airport, there before the terminal people were there. Made checking in really easy when you’re one of the first people there! For me, it’s always nice experiencing different parts of the country – and I got a chance to experience a different part of the country, which is always a plus. All in all, a good trip for sure!


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