the year of you, day 271

Wednesday, September 29, 2021 (Day 271)

Relaxing Music for the week: Matamua: Deuter (9:47) –

Question: How do you plan an adventure: have everything ready down to the smallest detail? Show up and see what happens? Something in between?

Answer: I think it depends on the reason for the adventure. If it’s a conference, training, and/or formal presentation, I usually have my days/time planned out, at least during the day. At night, that’s another story. In my younger days, I could get away with flying by the seat of my pants because I prepared really well. Now, even though I know the material like the back of my hand, I can’t “fly” by the seat of my pants because I’m ALWAYS making some type of change at the last minute. Like EVERY time now! For example, the presentation that I did yesterday I had the basic presentation down pat earlier this weekend, but I constantly make tweaks to it, up until the presentation at 12:00pm. There’s always something to add, change, or modify. And that’s the world I live in now…I can’t prepare ahead of time because I’m always thinking about different ways to make it better and more pertinent to the audience I’m serving. So, conferences and trainings, I like to plan. For “vacation” – whatever that means – I prefer leaving it open, since it’s a time for me to wind down from the business of the days, weeks, months, etc. To be honest, I don’t vacation very well, since I prefer to stay home and relax, maybe go out and play a little golf every now and then. But I will also say that in the future, I think “active” adventures/vacation would be my preferred method. For example, trips that involved walking, hiking, biking, golf, tennis, pickleball and the like would be awesome vs those spent doing things like shopping and laying on the beach. I would even be okay visiting things like art museums, since I believe that can fuel the creative side of me. Yeah, adventures…

Other Stuff

I will be sharing an article that I read this morning that was interesting, since it was focused on those looking to make a career change. Here’s the article:

As you read the article, you probably know that my favorite consideration is #1: Finding meaning and purpose in your job. All the more reason why young people need to start with mission, not money, in deciding on a job/career.


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