the year of you, day 322

Friday, November 19, 2021 (Day 322)

Relaxing Music for the week: The Wisdom of Kindness: Liquid Mind (10:34) –

Question: What do you think happens when we die?

Answer: This is a funny question, because Rebecca and I had to answer this question this past Sunday as part of a get-to-know-you activity in a church group. I shared that we actually come back in another form, one different than our previous form. And I am convinced that I’ll be coming back as a squirrel. I know, pretty weird, right? But for some reason, I have this idea stuck in my head that I’ll be a squirrel – and I have NO IDEA why. I see them on my walks in nature and I can’t help but to watch them – and sometimes even try to communicate with them. Although I like nuts, I don’t know that I have a desire to eat them all of the time. Okay, I need to get back on the topic. One of the things that I think a lot about is my legacy, where I’m obsessed with LDC work continuing long before I’m gone. Having younger people like my friend Megan carry on the work reassures me that it will continue long past my time on this planet. Maybe she’ll be nice and invite a squirrel to the Training – or maybe I’ll just have to find a window and peak in. An interesting take on what happens after you die was the Disney movie “Soul” (check out the trailer here:, where the main character dies and tries his hardest to get back to earth to pursue his BIGGEST DREAM. That’s all I’m going to say about it; check out the movie if you want to watch a fun take on purpose, passion, and life.

Other Stuff

I read another interesting article yesterday – I know that’s a surprise! But this one is a little different; the title says it all:

As I was reading it, it made me think about the part that I play in this process. I couldn’t help but to think, “How are students suppose to know what to do and who to connect with when they don’t even know what they want to do?” That seems to be the piece that’s always missing from a lot of article like this – figure out your major, connect it with your career, and develop relationship with faculty – when they don’t know what they want to do. For example, at UNCG, they had over 9,000 change of major forms process from over 6,000 individual students. And since I’m guess that most of these students are first- and second-year students, that means that more than half changed their major at least once. And yet, no one on our campus sees the value in Life Design Catalyst work, where we not only help students identify a major based on purpose and meaning, but then create academic and career plans related to it, including building their own dream team. But I know that SOMEONE out there will find value in what we’re doing and have us do this important work on their campus – or in their community. And who better to take on that challenge other than the Life Design Catalyst Tribe?


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