the year of you, day 333

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 (Day 333)

Relaxing Music for the week: Moment of Grace: Liquid Mind (10:57) –

Question: How do you deal with life’s uncertainties and unknowns?

Answer: Good question, since I believe that life’s uncertainties and unknows are a part of life, surrounding us all of the time. For me, it’s just a matter of tackling them head on, dealing with them in an active way. As I’m writing this, I’m thinking about the uncertainties and unknowns around my job and particular relationships in my life – and thinking about how I want to deal with them. Part of me feels like I’m just ready for a new start altogether – like leaving EVERYTHING here in North Carolina and just venturing off to some other place. The fact that I’ve been here for this long is amazing to me…which may be why I have this itch to get away and start something new. The good thing is that I KNOW what I want to do; it’s just a matter of finding a place to do it. I guess I just need to take these challenges on full force and see where life takes me!

November Reflection: Spiritual

What did I learn about myself this month?

  • It’s been a fun month of prompts to answer, since Rebecca and I have been exploring our spiritual paths – individually and together. I feel that the work I do and believe in is spiritual work, helping others find their paths to their soul and to their work.

Which of the prompts this month were most challenging? Which of my answers most surprised me?

  • Again, there weren’t any answers that surprised me, since spiritual work is something that I think about on a regular basis. Purpose work IS soul work, so it’s something that I get to live every day.

Based on what I’ve written, one action I want to take over the next month is…

  • 10-minute meditations so I can connect with my soul.


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