the year of you, day 347

Tuesday, December 14, 2021 (Day 347)

NEW Relaxing Music for the week: Journey to Peace: Liquid Mind (11:19) –

Question: How do you think the world will be different in 10 years time?

Answer: I missed my journal writing/posting yesterday because we’re now into the second day of our Life Design Catalyst Training. Imagine being in a room with 45 like-minded souls for 3 days, engaging in a variety of Life Design Catalyst activities that changes peoples’ lives. Funny, this morning, I shared data about the future of work and entrepreneurship, so today’s topic is definitely pertinent. In ten years, I believe that entrepreneurship – or at least the entrepreneurial spirit – will be a necessary skill for all people, especially our young people. I’m going to look at this from the world of work, since that’s something that I’m passionate about. Thinking about what could happen by 2030 is a really fun, since I’ll be close to 69 years old and hoping to see myself doing more of LDC on a bigger/grander scale.


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