the year of you, day 351

Saturday, December 18, 2021 (Day 351)

Relaxing Music for the week: Journey to Peace: Liquid Mind (11:19) –

Question: What are some of your biggest questions about the future (these can be about your life or the world in general)?

Answer: I’m going to share my questions and thoughts below:

Big question #1: What will I be “doing” as my work, both in 2022 and in the future? Where will I be doing this work? On my own, within a start-up, or at an institution/organization?

Big question #2: Where will I be in my relationships with my daughters, with Rebecca, with my sister Renata, and with my Life Design Catalyst Tribe?

These are the BIG Questions that I have, especially for 2022. The biggest question is the work piece, since I KNOW that I don’t want to be at UNCG in my current role. It’s about doing Life Design Catalyst work in some capacity, whether it’s offering classes, workshops, trainings, or in some other way. It’s always a joy watching people have a-ha moments when they find something that resonates with their soul, whether it’s something personal or professional. And that’s what I want most to do for 2022.


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