the year of you, day 350

Friday, December 17, 2021 (Day 350)

Relaxing Music for the week: Journey to Peace: Liquid Mind (11:19) –

Question: Imagine you could time travel and found yourself 50 years in the future. What would you hope to find?

Answer: I’ll answer that question in two areas – my daughters and LDC work. For my daughters, it’s my hope that they had the opportunity to do work that they loved, work that made a difference in their lives and in the lives of others. That they became great parents and developed great families. But most of all, that they continued to strive to grow to be the best version of themselves.

As far as LDC work goes…that people like Megan, Alicia, and Anna continue Life Design Catalyst work long after I’m gone, making it better than I ever imagined. That LDC work had impacted millions and millions of people seeking the answers to the questions:

  • Who must I FEARLESSLY become?
  • What is the world asking of me?

These are the two questions I used in my Training to build up their exploration of purpose and meaning. And it would be awesome to live in a world that had people focused on their contribution to make their lives better AND use their gifts in service to something bigger than themselves. That would be pretty cool to see, 50 years down the road.

As a side note, on Wednesday, I just passed 7 MILLION STEPS for 2021, with 13 days to spare. I must admit that I decided to take it a little easy this week, since I know the Training takes a lot out of me each day. But I’ve also hit my 7,000 workout mile goal this week as well, so it’s a good week. Now, I can use the new week and change to prep for 2022!

Other Stuff

I read some really great articles this morning, as well as a couple of great Philosopher’s Notes on my ride. Here are the two articles that I found most interesting, of the 8 that I read this morning:

The ONE essential ingredient? Trust. I would argue, it’s HUGE! It’s something that I struggle with, since I didn’t have a lot of trust in my life growing up. It’s definitely something that I’m working HARD on right now.

For the 6 steps of self-acceptance, the step that’s MOST challenging for me is #6: Accept Imperfection. I won’t always be right or I may forget something…and that’s okay. And, to be okay with it. Yes, I’m prepping for a great 2022!


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