the year of you, day 353

Monday, December 20, 2021 (Day 353)

Relaxing Music for the week: A Calm Heart: Liquid Mind (11:33) –

Question: What is your biggest hope for the future?

Answer: My biggest hope for the future is that I leave this earth having made a difference in the world. Ever since I turned 50, I’ve been really thinking about my legacy – how I want to be remembered. However, not just to be remembered, but that I profoundly served others in a way that made the world a better place for others. Even if they just see ONE part of their world differently in a positive way means a great deal to me. There was a point in my life where having and making money was important, but ever since my parents died, the money piece is less worrisome and how I make an impact is much more important. I think back to the LDC Training last week, where I got to hear several people share how much LDC work made a difference in their lives. So, the primary question I need to answer is how I can find a way to do every more of it, as well as sustain a lifestyle that sustains my family. And right now, it’s health insurance. If I get that figured out, I’ll be ready to move forward. I will share that since a meeting with my friend Alli this past Friday about Life Design Catalyst 2.0, I’ve been thinking about “what’s next?” a WHOLE lot the past few days. I’ve made a list of pro’s and con’s regarding staying in higher education vs going out on our own – and as much as I desire to go out and step into my “courage zone,” part of me wonders if the desire to change higher education is still there. I will continue to ponder as I finish up 2021, through what I do best – reading. I have several books for me to read during our break, so it’s my goal to knock off at least 5 books during break. I need to finish “The Second Mountain: The Quest for a Moral Life” by David Brooks so I can start on “Courage is Calling: Fortune Favors the Brave” by Ryan Holiday. I may also need a little Brene Brown thrown in there to keep me going as well.

Other Stuff

One of the most meaningful experiences this year has been meetings with my therapist. As I’ve navigated the “challenges” this year both personally and professionally, he has been a godsend to help me think through these challenges. As I get ready for my appointment this morning, this article came across my newsfeed this morning:

I’ve always wondered the question, especially since Rebecca is a therapist. I’ve asked her when is the “right time” for her to end a relationship with a client; of course, the answer is “it depends.” This article was helpful because it provided some insight into what I need to do in order to move forward in my life.


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