the year of you, day 354

Tuesday, December 21, 2021 (Day 354)

Relaxing Music for the week: A Calm Heart: Liquid Mind (11:33) –

Question: What is your biggest fear for the future?

Answer: My biggest fear is that I won’t have a safety net for landing if (or when) I decide to leave higher education. I have been so comfortable in the space for almost 32 years…and to think that I may no longer be in this space within the next month or two is both scary and exciting. Actually, other than the insurance piece, which I’ll get squared away within the next two or three weeks, there is something that is more important to me – giving up my wonderful relationships with people by going out on my own and doing this as a “business.” Everything that I’m doing today has been a by-product of my relationships with the LDC Tribe; and to think that I might have to give that all up makes my stomach turn. If there’s a way to create the business and find a way to keep these extremely meaningful relationships, that’s the ultimate. These are the people that have sustained me through the trying times both personally and professionally – and letting that go doesn’t sit well with me. And maybe I’m overthinking this a bit and I just need to let things move forward organically.

Other Stuff

As a late 50’s person, I wonder what would happen to me if I left the workplace and tried to find another job. It seems that higher education is getting younger and younger; my colleagues are at least 20 years younger than me. And when I leave, I’m sure they’ll replace me with someone in the 20’s. This morning, I read a really cool article about hiring workers 50 years of age and older; check it out here:

Although it didn’t provide a ton a comfort for my particular situation, at least it gave hope that there are companies investing in those of us that have great wisdom and a great work ethic. There’s something to be gained by the younger generation from old farts like myself!


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