Your Meaningful Work – Day 2: Talents and Gifts

Talents and Gifts

Day 2 of “Your Meaningful Work” will have you identify your talents and gifts. Many times, we choose our work based on either: (1) the things we’re good at, or (2) the things we like to do. But rarely do we combine the two when thinking about our work.  This exercise will have you pick items that you are both good at AND enjoy doing. First, identify all that apply to you, then narrow down your list to a minimum of five (5) and a maximum of ten (10) items that fit you best. Again, make sure you choose only those things that you’re both good at doing and that you like to do! Note: If something is not listed below but describes what you’re good at and like to do, feel free to add it to your list!

Analyzing data
Appreciating things
Asking good questions
Being adventurous
Being fair
Being funny
Being optimistic
Bringing out best in others
Building things
Caring for others
Coming up with new ideas
Compiling statistics
Connecting people
Coordinating activities
Creating new things
Dealing with pressure
Dealing with relationships
Eating healthy
Encouraging people
Enhancing beauty
Entertaining others
Fixing things
Gathering information
Giving advice
Giving presentations
Having conversations
Having fun
Helping/serving others
Including others
Inspiring others
Learning from mistakes
Learning new things
Leading others
Living in the moment
Making arts and crafts
Making decisions
Making foods/drinks
Making music
Making people happy
Making people laugh
Managing money
Managing people
Managing time
Meeting people
Motivating others
Planning events
Playing instruments
Playing games
Playing sports
Public speaking
Recruiting others
Remembering things
Repairing things
Resolving problems
Saving lives
Showing compassion
Speaking languages
Spending wisely
Starting new things
Taking care of people
Taking pictures
Taking risks
Understanding law/legal issues
Using computers
Using electronics
Using technology
Working on cars
Working outdoors
Working with numbers
Working with tools
Working with your hands

Once you’ve chosen your items, write down your top five to ten answers on the “Your Meaningful Work Worksheet” under the section, “Talents and Gifts.”

Bill’s List of Talents and Gifts

  1. Future-thinking
  2. Coming up with new ideas
  3. Inspiring others
  4. Creating new things
  5. Bringing out the best in others
  6. Reading
  7. Exercising
  8. Giving presentations
  9. Asking good questions
  10. Reflecting

Feel free to share your list of Top Talents and Gifts in the comments section.

21 thoughts on “Your Meaningful Work – Day 2: Talents and Gifts

  1. 1. Writing
    2. Teaching/Training
    3. Thinking
    4. Big Picture thinking/Making Connections
    5. Motivating Others
    6. Planning/Organizing
    7. Future Thinking
    8. Being Optimistic
    9. Appreciating Things
    10. Communicating

    it is weirdly satisfying to see that the work I am doing aligns pretty well with my talents, but it might be helpful moving into the future to stay conscious of this list and try to position myself to get more of the projects that will be most satisfying (and that I will perform in most effectively)

    • I agree wholeheartedly! We rarely think about how our talents and gifts can be used to not only enhance the work that we currently do, but may also provide direction for the things we’d like to do in the future! Thanks for taking the time to share!

  2. * inspiring others
    * learning/trying new things
    * remembering/great memory
    * relating to people/finding a common connection
    * traveling
    * explaining complex ideas/processes in simple terms
    * writing/communicating with various demographics
    * implementation of new ideas/programs

    • Jana, you are such a dear friend for sharing your answers! I can’t wait to see your other answers for the other activities – especially your meaningful work statement!

  3. These are great lists you have made – they require a bit of thought to really focus in on the core 10. I like it!
    1. Caring for others/ Bringing out best in others/ Including/Inspiring/Encouraging others/ Showing Compassion/Taking care of people/Helping/serving others
    2. Coming up with new ideas/ Future-thinking/ Starting new things
    3. Reflecting/Research/Thinking/ Learning new things/ Gathering information/ Writing
    4. Appreciating things/ Living in the moment
    5. Making arts and crafts/ Working with my hands/ Repairing things
    6. Public Speaking/ Presentations/Teaching/Training
    7. Being optimistic
    8. Being adventurous/ Playing games/Having fun
    9. Being fair
    10. Counseling

  4. Being optimistic
    Encouraging people
    Making decisions
    Meeting people
    Planning Events
    Using technology


  5. 1.Listening well/making people feel they are heard and what they have to say matters
    2.Bringing out the best in others
    3.Playing violin/guitar/piano/singing/making music in general
    4.Writing in a concise and understandable manner
    5.Organizing and keeping clean
    7.Showing compassion
    8.Taking care of others
    9.Identifying injustice or inequality and acting to correct it
    10.Making connections between seemingly unconnected subjects

    What is the difference between talents and gifts? Both are very similar in that they inherently make up who we are.

  6. Here you go 🙂

    Bringing out the best in others
    Caring for others
    Learning new things
    Spending Wisely
    Working with my hands

  7. 1. Analyzing data
    2. Networking
    3. Traveling
    4. Being adventurous
    5. Adapting
    6. Being funny
    7. Debating
    8. Making decisions
    9. Taking risks
    10. Leading others

  8. 1. writing
    2. being adventurous
    3. being funny
    4. traveling
    5. encouraging people
    6. having conversations
    7. listening
    8. living in the moment
    9. reflecting
    10. storytelling

  9. Being optimistic
    Caring for others
    Encouraging people
    Appreciating things
    Future Thinking

  10. Kyeong’s Talents and Gifts:

    1. Being Optimistic
    2. Learning From Mistakes
    3. Appreciating Things
    4. Bringing Out the Best in Others
    5. Making Music
    6. Playing Instruments
    7. Motivating Others
    8. Having Conversations

  11. 1. Future Thinking
    2. Bringing out the best in others
    3. Including Others
    4. Debating
    5. Learning New Things
    6. Listening
    7. Selling/Marketing

  12. 1. __Arranging___________________________
    2. __Caring for others_____________________
    3. __Connecting people___________________
    4. __Dealing with relationships______________
    5. __Giving advice_________________________
    6. __Listening____________________________
    7. __Including others______________________
    8. __Reflecting___________________________
    9. __Starting new things____________________
    10. __Thinking_____________________________

  13. *Appreciating Things
    *Caring for others/Showing compassion
    *Connecting people/Encouraging people
    *Learning from mistakes
    *Leading others
    *Being optimistic
    *Remembering things

  14. 1) arranging
    2) future thinking
    3) dealing with pressure
    4) making decisions
    5) managing time
    6) managing people
    7) inspiring others
    8) helping
    9) encouraging people
    10) big picture thinking

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