the year of you, day 126

Thursday, May 6, 2021 (Day 126)

Meditation Music for the week: Touching Calm: Liquid Mind (7:44) –

Question: What do you consider your biggest career achievement so far?

Answer: That’s a hard one to answer, since there are so many that have happened in 31+ years of working. I think my biggest was being invited to present our Make College Matter (now the Life Design Catalyst Program) at a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation event in 2013. I’ve always believed that the work I was doing was valuable, but recognition by such a prestigious organization gave me confirmation that I was on the right track for doing on truly great work. Although I’m not out to seek recognition and reward, it’s always nice to be appreciated every once in a while. I seek the recognition outside my School and UNCG because there is ZERO appreciation for Life Design Catalyst work right now. Actually, there’s a lot of appreciation from the students for this work, many sharing how much it has provided them clarity and direction. It’s just that the words from the students have fallen on deaf ears. Yet, here I sit, reading, writing, and curating new tools to help people get even more clarity and direction in their lives, especially pertaining to career stuff.

Other Stuff

If you’re interested in personal development/self-help, then you’ll find this article really interesting.

After reading it, I’m definitely of the mindset that “pop-psychology” can make your life better. I believe that we can each find one small thing to incorporate/change, big things can happen in one’s life. And if science can back it up, then why not try it? The thing is, you don’t know what you don’t know, so it’s my goal to introduce students (and others) to lots of different tools and resources, then each individual can decide which things work better for him or her. The one thing you can say about life is that it’s ALL about choice. You get to choose every decisions and every actions, hopefully making choices to make your life better – IF you want to make your life better.


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