Posted in July 2018

screw finding your passion

Okay, so this must be Mark Manson week because here’s another article that strikes a chord with me, especially since my nickname is “The Dream Dean” (a title given to me by students at the College of William and Mary because they could remember my name – Bill Johnson!). The title of the article, “Screw … Continue reading

emotional diversity

I could probably devote this entire blog to the writings of Mark Manson; his writing inspires me at so many different levels. Today’s article, “Happiness is Not Enough,” is another gem that describes the difference between being happy (or sad) and having emotional diversity. Interesting concept – similar to developing a mindfulness practice around emotions.  … Continue reading

millennials and purpose work

Helping young people (millennials) find purpose is our obligation for educators and adults today. Don’t believe me?  Check out this article: “Millennials Aren’t More Motivated By Purpose Than The Rest Of Us” – Just finished the second of two one-day workshops titled, “Find Your Why, Find Your Way” for a various people from UNCG … Continue reading

don’t change yourself

I just finished reading the article, “Stop Trying to Change Yourself” by Mark Manson. I love his work; this article is an interesting way to look at change – and not in a flattering way.  He always find a way to look at life from another perspective – and this article is one of them.  … Continue reading

gift of purpose

I just finished the first of two one-day workshops titled, “Find Your Why, Find Your Way,” where participants learn strategies to: Use their story to be their authentic selves. Identify their most important (and sacred) values. Develop a meaningful work statement that describes how they want to serve the world. Draw a mind map on … Continue reading

will finds a way

Late post today…busy, busy day preparing for two one-day workshops on Friday and Saturday titled, “Find Your Why, Find Your Way.” This posting was recommended by my colleague and dear friend Megan Delph Cayton; she had shared this quick motivational video today and thought it would be great to share it for my blog today. … Continue reading

extreme ownership

We are three weeks away from the start of the Fall Semester at UNCG.  As I start to put together the curriculum for the semester, we always start off with a video and activity on personal responsibility.  It’s interesting to hear conversations in meetings about students today, how they don’t take 100% personal responsibility; what’s … Continue reading