millennials and purpose work

Helping young people (millennials) find purpose is our obligation for educators and adults today.

Don’t believe me?  Check out this article:

“Millennials Aren’t More Motivated By Purpose Than The Rest Of Us” –

Just finished the second of two one-day workshops titled, “Find Your Why, Find Your Way” for a various people from UNCG and the local community.  Just so you know, there are a lot of adults looking for their purpose as well!

Could start with just answering this list of questions to think how one might serve something bigger than themselves:

  • What am I here to contribute?
  • What problem am I here to solve?
  • What am I committed to create?
  • What is my ultimate concern?
  • What needs can I fulfill for others?
  • How can I best serve others?
  • What is my life’s task?
  • What am I really here to do?

How would YOU answer these questions?

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