screw finding your passion

Okay, so this must be Mark Manson week because here’s another article that strikes a chord with me, especially since my nickname is “The Dream Dean” (a title given to me by students at the College of William and Mary because they could remember my name – Bill Johnson!).

The title of the article, “Screw Finding Your Passion” is intriguing to me because he believes that – for most people – their passion has already found them, they just haven’t (or refused to) answered the call.  For most of us, we are engaged in our passion in some way, we’re just not acting on it.  What have you always loved to do?  Go back to your childhood if you have to.  But the signs are already there for most of us.

So, don’t know what you want to do with your life?  Check out the article:

“Screw Finding Your Passion” –

Just do it!

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