find your tribe

Want to build a tribe, a group of committed people interested in something meaningful for you and for them?  How many people does it take to build a tribe?

The good thing about it is that YOU get to set that number.  Today is a bonus, since I will include two of my favorite articles that have influenced me in building my tribe.

For me, I don’t have 100,000 followers on Twitter, nor do I have 1,000 members in our Facebook Group.  Just a couple of hundred like-minded people, interested in changing the world, just like me.  Works for me.

So, Jeff Goins and Seth Godin are two of my guides on this tribe-building journey.  Check out Jeff’s article on finding a tribe:

“Finding Your Tribe May Be the Hardest Thing You Do” –

And here’s Seth’s video on building a tribe:

The Tribes We Lead –

Here’s to you finding and building your tribe!

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