movement vs exercise

Another thought off the beaten path…

I got up this morning and did my long walk – for an hour-and-a-half!  Believe it or not, I’m actually trying to get to 2 hours so I can handle walking a golf course.  Pretty crazy idea, isn’t it?  But I noticed that my workouts on the elliptical weren’t really getting me in shape to walk the hills of some of our local courses.  And I HATED being winded, while pushing/pulling my bag.  So, long morning walks.

Made me think about Katy Bowman, publisher of the blog “Nutritious Movement” –

Katy is a HUGE proponent that movement is just as important – if not more important than exercise.  For example, if you know you’re going to walk or run for three miles, she believes that it’s better to do 3 1-mile runs than 1 3-mile run, especially if you’re prone to sit all day.  So, although I exercise every morning, I realized that I’m not moving enough.  Now, for every hour of sitting, I am getting up and moving around for 5-10 minutes, just to get the blood circulating.

Here’s one of the better articles out there about movement vs exercise:

“In 2018, You Don’t Need More Exercise; You Need to Move –

Today, if you find yourself sitting for more than an hour, walk around your floor, building, etc. for a couple of minutes.  Then, see what kind of effect it has on you.  You’ll want to do more of it!

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