nothing to offer

I’m working with a few students right now that don’t believe they have anything to share with/offer to the world.  I also believe there are a few adults who feel the same way.  In fact, this thought passes through my head every now and then, even now.  I get through this self-doubt by just plugging away.  I have the mindset that if ONE person takes the information I share, processes it, and makes a positive change in their life and in the lives of others, then I’ve done my job…one person at a time.

I remember reading an article a few years ago that inspired me – and I will share it with you.  Check it out here:

“When You Feel Like You Have Nothing Special to Offer the World” –

My favorite quote from the article: “You See, I’m Not Fearless. I just fear less.”  And that’s so true.

Just start, my friend.

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