living your truth

Last night, I was preparing for my classes the next day.  This week, we’re having students use an activity called “I Am Statements” to help construct their story.  Here’s a link to the activity:

For anyone who knows me, I am constantly creating and refining our coaching tools so that they are easy to use and deeply reflective in nature.  In our coaching sessions this week, we are having the students come up with ONE I Am Statement that defines how they will become their best selves.  As I’m reading their statements, especially after the most recent modification, I realize that we are helping students DEFINE THEIR TRUTH!  And that gave me chills!  And for most, in their second week of the first-year in college!  Talk about a WOW moment!

So, I’m going to share two articles that I found that really get to the essence of “finding and living your truth,” which can also be defined as being your authentic self.  If you have 5 minutes, check them out:

Are you living your truth – or at least taking steps to move in that direction?

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